Why our 3D FPV cameras are the best?

Easy connection

You don`t need to look for additional devices, just connect the camera to the video transmitter and to the power supply of 5V - 15V.

Effect of presence

Bright, colorful, clear and three-dimensional image in your 3D video glasses or stereo FPV headset! The sensations received from the flight will be exactly as if you're at the helm!


A wide range of supply voltage from 5V to 15V allows you to connect the camera directly to the on-board battery. And low current consumption - up to 150 mA doesn’t strongly affect the time of...


When we develop our products, we pay attention to their use and usability. The small size of our 3D FPV cameras allows you easily to install them on many rc models.

Stereoscopic vision

You will get new experience and you will better orientate in the space, you will look at the world with two eyes, you will see the world in volume – see in 3D.


Very small weight of our stereo cameras has positive effect on the time of flight because the installation of the stereo camera doesn`t influence so much on the total weight of models!