Radio-controlled piloting of the model aircrafts from the first view (FPV) is the realized dream of the sky. We are engaged in development of the products which help to realize easily and simply this dream. We created the smallest camera for FPV which use will present you unforgettable feelings of FPV, you will feel the speed, volume, distance - you will look at the world with two eyes as it was conceived initially by the nature! 
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Our team

Our company is a solidary team of the professionals who are fond of the business. Each of us derives pleasure from the job and aims to make the contribution to development of our products that any person in the world could learn the world of FPV flights. 
Egor Tyurin
Alexander Polikarpov
Pavel Lavrovsky
Lots of people have already bought our product and our cameras travel across the sky on different models all over the world.