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Availability: In Stock

Weight: 23 g

Made in: Russia

Shipping: Worldwide

Processing time: Ships in 24 hours


$ 50,00



The VTX module is intended for wireless transfer of the image and a sound from a stereo of the BlackBird 2 camera distance to 1000 meters

Small weight. Only 23 grams, will positively affect flight time as not enough electric power is spent!

Field of application
• FPV (first person view) - as the video transmitter for a stereo of the BlackBird 2 camera mounted on radio-controlled model of the quadcopter, plane, automodel, the robotic platform.
• Video surveillance – for ensuring transfer of the stereoimage and a sound with BlackBird 2 on a radio channel.

Power supply
Broad range of power voltage - from 5B to 15B, will allow you to connect the VTX directly to the onboard battery. Low consumption - everything up to 130 mA will not reduce flight time!
Number of channels 8
Transmitter frequencies 5705, 5865, 5665, 5645, 5885, 5905, 5925, 5945 MHz
Output resistance 50 Ohm
Transmitter power 23dbm / 200 mW
Ratio signal/noise 45 dB
Video format NTSC 525/60
Weight without antenna 23g
Dimensions 59x28x27 mm
Interface connector front HsuanMao C1274-04BDGCA0R
Interface connector back HsuanMao C4828-04BDGDN0R
Antenna connector  RP-SMA jack
Work temperature - 20C to 70C
Supply voltage 5...12V
Current 130 mA
Power consumption (5V) 0.65 W
3D camera model