BlackBird 1 is very small and very easy course 3D FPV camera, with very big functionality which shall change your understanding of FPV.


Small weight. Only 23 grams, will positively affect flight time as not enough electric power is spent!

Interlaced 3D

The camera "BlackBird" creates analog video NTSC a signal in a format of interlaced 3D (field sequential 3D) that allows to transfer him by means of one standard video of the transmitter.

Effect of presence

Using 3D FPV the camera "BlackBird", you will feel the speed, volume, distance - you will look at the world two eyes as it was conceived initially by the nature.

Easy connection

It isn't necessary to look for additional devices, simply connect a video camera to the transmitter of video signal and the power supply 7V - 12V.


The broad range of power voltage - from 7V to 12V, will allow you to connect the camera directly to the onboard battery!


Very modest overall dimensions, its size doesn't exceed the size of the normal FPV camera! You can set without problems the camera on a radio-controlled quadrocopter, the airplane or the car.

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  • Type of sensors: OmniVision OV7950
  • Size and matrix type: 1/4'' CMOS
  • Array size: 656 x 492
  • Sensitivity: 3.0V/Lux-sec @ 5600K
  • Ratio signal/noise : 48 dB

Mechanical characteristics

  • The weight of the camera: 21 g.
  • The weight of the camera with cable: 23 g.
  • Overall dimensions L,W,H: Ver 1.3.2 - 34 mm, 32 mm, 25 mm, Ver 1.3.3 - 34 mm, 34 mm, 25 mm
  • Interface connector: On the board MW-3M, on the cable MU-3F
  • Operating temperature: From -20 till +70 ºC


  • Focal length of lens: 3,6 mm
  • Viewing angle : 54 degrees
  • Thread type: М12 х 1
  • The IR Filter on the lens: 680 um (daylight lens for color camera)
  • Focusing: Manual

Electrical characteristics

  • Supply voltage: From 5 V till 12 V (recommended voltage is 5 V)
  • Consumed current, no more: 130 mA
  • Power consumption at 5V: 0,65 Watt
  • Power consumption at 12V: 1.56 Watt

Video output

  • Video format : NTSC 525/60
  • Video output: 75 Ohm, 1V peak to peak
  • Horizontal resolution : 470 TVL
  • Format 3D: Interlaced 3D (Field Sequential 3d)
  • Frequency of shots for each eye: 30 Hz
  • Stereo separation (as assembled): 17,5 mm
  • Stereo separation (with cables) : From 60 мм to 2000 мм (depends on cables)
  • Adjustment of convergence : Manual